The global startup scene has been on steroids. The word “Startup” has literally become a buzzword.

As more technology startups spring up from different parts of the world, so does the need for funding increase. However, access to investing in these innovative startups are limited to only accredited investors.

The percentage of accredited investors in the USA is pegged at 10.6%, however this figure is lower when compared to emerging economies and other parts of Asia.

What does this mean?

That only 1 out of 10 persons are allowed to invest in a startup in the USA due to the risk involved in losing the invested money. This also means that 1 in 10 is allowed to make 100x the amount invested when the company becomes successful.

This figure is totally less in other parts of the world.

Here Comes Elesaro! The full suite crowdfunding protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. Elesaro is built with the concept of giving power back to the people while minimizing the risk involved in making investment decision.

Being a full crowdfunding suite. Elesaro is comprised of the following:

-Reward-Based Crowdfunding: Enabling the excited crowd to support a creative project (Film, Music, Books, Comics) they believe in, in order to receive rewards like $Elf token. Social causes with human impact can also be donated to using our reward-based crowdfunding platform.

-Equity-Based Crowdfunding: By Leveraging on our custom token, our token holders can invest in well curated technology startups in order to gain Equity. This Equity will be given to them in the form of NFT while our compliance team handles the rest. This gives our token holders the opportunity to invest in exciting startups around the world without having to worry about legals and compliances.

-Lending and Loaning: Lending is at the heart of Elesaro. By leveraging on our collateralized lending, users can be able to engage in peer to peer lending on our lending App — Lendaro.

NFT Market Place: Our NFT marketplace will enable our token holders who were offered an NFT at the time of investment to trade their NFTs. Creative arts will also be curated.

Technology: Elesaro is a Hybrid platform- hence it has an integration of blockchain technology as part of it’s technology stack. Elesaro’s blockchain part is built — on Binance Smart Chain. The MERN stack was also deployed in the platform creation.

Native Token: $Elf

Total Supply: 300,000,000

Our Community.

Elesaro has a growing community of Founders, Creative, Directors of NGOs and Enthusiasts who gives live to the platform.

Join us on our various Community Channel through the link below:

Telegram Group Chat:

Telegram Announcement Channel:

Facebook Page:






Elesaro is a full suite crowdfunding protocol built on BSC with a Smart NFT integration and Market place.

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Elesaro is a full suite crowdfunding protocol built on BSC with a Smart NFT integration and Market place.

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